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Friday 19th of July 2024

AMP Netconnect 25 Year Warranty

When you choose a top quality cabling system you have every right to expect the highest level of service and support. This should continue to be available to you during the lifetime of the system. AMP NETCONNECT believes that our warranty must reflect this commitment to our clients. We therefore make available a full 25 year warranty.

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We understand also that you depend upon your network functioning as a whole and you therefore need to be sure the whole network can be covered by a single warranty. So AMPNETCONNECT offer a warranty that covers your system end-to-end. This is made possible by the combination of our emphasis on quality with our policy of training high ability installer partners. And we know how valuable it is to avoid any confusion about responsibility. So we provide our warranty direct to the end user, ensuring that our service is available when it is required, without any unnecessary delays or complications.

Our 25 year System Warranty guarantees that the cabling system requirements will be exceeded for any of an extensive list of applications. It provides cover on the complete cabling system, comprising cable, connectors, connecting hardware and patch cords.

Key Facts:

  • The warranty covers defects in either materials or workmanship for the full 25 years.
  • The signal carrying components must also meet the prescribed mechanical and transmission specifications for these products.
  • Defective products will be repaired or replaced at our cost.

So the picture is clear:
We are confident enough to cover you against most foreseeable problems for 25 years, which is likely to be well beyond the time when your network will need renewing to keep up with technological advances.

Of course in order to provide cover of the whole system, we have to agree on the details of the system installed. Some clients prefer not to go into detail, for example where confidentiality makes this impracticable. We therefore offer a simpler alternative, the AMP NETCONNECT 25 Year Component Warranty. This also covers our products for a full 25 year period, but without such extensive protection of the network as with the System Warranty. The choice is yours.


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