Friday 19th of July 2024
Structured Cabling 10 GB

Cabling Networks 10GB

Category 6A cable is the latest twisted-pair cable type defined in February 2008 under the newest version of the TIA 568-B standard (568-B.2-10).
Category 6A operates at frequencies of up to 500 MHz and can support transmission speeds at 10 Gigabits per second, subject to length.

However, Category 6a is not the only way to support 10 Gigabit Ethernet within your organization.
Category 6 and fibre optic cabling can also support 10 Gb applications, subject to specification.
Such information should be carefully considered when assessing the suitability of legacy cabling or the choice of new future proofed cabling systems where 10 Gigabit applications are required.

Download High Speed Cabling for 10 Gigabits Ethernet Brochure


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