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Friday 19th of July 2024
Fibre Optic
Fibre Optic Networks


Fibre Optic cabling provides a far greater bandwidth than copper and is typically used for backbone connection between localised networking equipment. With it’s immunity from electromagnetic interference (EMI) Fibre optic cabling provides a high security link. It is also the solution for inter-building links and other connections beyond the maximum 90m for Category 5e and Cat 6 copper cabling.

At Technique Networks we are passionate about fibre and pride ourselves on providing honest accurate assessments of all our customers cabling requirements, ensuring that all systems that we design & install today will stand up tommorow.

Technique Networks supply and Install the following comprehensive range of certified 25 year warranted Fibre Optic cabling and infrastructure products all designed with you the customer in mind.


  • Services: Backbone design & installation, internal/external building links, termination, fusion splicing, OTDR testing/certification, fault finding diagnostics, maintenance.
  • Cable types: OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 (multimode), OS1, OS2, (singlemode), 4-24 cores, loose tube, tight buffered, internal/external, rodent resistant, CST,  S.W.A, 62.5/125, 50/125, 9/125.
  • Connection types: ST, SC, LC, APC, FC, MTRJ multimode/singlemode + many more.
  • Pre-terminated solutions: For all fibre types as listed above.
  • Patchcords: SC, ST, LC, FC, APC, MTRJ, SIMPLEX, DUPLEX, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OS1, OS2.
  • Active Equipment: Media convertors 10/100/1000 Mbps, 10Gb, Media Chassis, 10/100/1000 Mbps, 10Gb switches, POE switches & equipment, fibre transcievers (GBIC modules).
  • Fibre Enclosures: 4-48 fibre ports patch panels , splice enclosures, wall mount enclosures.
  • Cabinets: Server/passive cabinets, floor standing, wall mounted, in all dimensions & configurations.


amp netconnect system

Technique Networks are an approved Tyco Electronics/AMP Netconnect fibre installer (NDI).

All Fibre Cabling systems installed and terminated by Technique Networks are fully tested using the latest Fluke technologies and certified on completion.

For more info and you're free assessment please fill in our contact form and we will call you straight back or call free direct on 0800 3 21 31 51.